Shaquille O'Neal Might Have A Sex Tape... And His Gang Member Buddies May Have Beat Up The Guy Who Has It

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Photo: AP

TMZ is reporting a bizarre, salacious story involving Shaquille O’Neal, adultery, armed robbery, the Crips, and a security camera sex tape.The story goes that three years ago, Robert Ross, a former business associate of Shaq’s was beaten and robbed by 7 members of a L.A. branch of the Crips street gang.

One of the gang members is allegedly a friend of O’Neal’s.

It seems that Ross and O’Neal had a falling out after a sour deal involving Shaq’s record label, and Ross threatened to release a security camera tape showing O’Neal having sex with a woman who was not his wife. O’Neal allegedly brought the woman to Ross’ house for the dirty deed and that’s how it got caught on tape.

According to the police report, the robbers – in addition to pistol-whipping Ross and taking $15,000 in cash – demanded he turn over the sex tape.

This was all back in 2008, but it seems the 7 men were just recently arrested by the LAPD. O’Neal is not listed as a suspect in any of the crime.

Ross also told the police the tape no longer exists (or never existed), but he claims that HE had an affair with Shaq’s wife, Shaunie, after the couple got divorced.

Who knows what the real story is, but no matter what, is could get very ugly.

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