Shaq's Newest Career Hopes: Law Enforcement In Florida

Shaq The Coach

Photo: Dime Magazine

Shaquille O’Neal loves to play cop. But now that his NBA career is over, it is about to get real as he announced during an interview that he will be running for undersheriff in Florida.In an interview with Joe Brescia of the New York Times, Shaq was asked how his law enforcement career is going.

“I’m going to be running for undersheriff in Lake County, FL,” said O’Neal.

What is unclear is how much time Shaq is willing to devote to his love of law enforcement. Shaq already has one post-NBA career, as he was recently hired by TNT to joint their NBA telecast. And there is difference between playing cop, and actually being elected to be the second-most important law enforcement figure in a county.

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