Shaq Gets Sued For Hacking Computer, Framing Former Employee


Photo: wikimedia commons

Shaq is kind of known for his braininess, and we know he’s into tech (well, he’s really into Twitter), still this seems out of character.The basketball star just got sued by a former employee for invasion of privacy, personal distress, and racketeering (via Drudge).

Shaq’s former IT assistant, Shawn Darling, claims Shaq hacked into his iMac and destroyed emails connecting him with an alleged mistress.

Darling says Shaq eventually threw the computer into a lake and offered cash as a replacement. Then, he claims, Shaq got his buddies at the sheriff’s office to frame Darling for a criminal offence.

Darling has a long criminal record, according to Fox Orlando, which casts some doubt on the suit.

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