Shaq Gave A California Bartender $2,000 For Getting A Tattoo Of Charles Barkley Kissing An NBA Ref

Shaquille O’Neal’s debut season as the fourth man on the NBA on TNT has been an eventful one, filled with on-air expletives, Christmas tree attacks, and recently, an offer of $1,000 to the first person to get a tattoo of his TNT co-host Charles Barkley’s infamous lips-on-lips smooching with NBA referee Dick Bevetta.

Earlier this week, Shaq came through on his promise after ink-filled Santa Barbara bartender Emmet Bentley got not only that tattoo, but one of the the entire NBA on TNT crew on Mount Rushmore as well. Because he got both tats, Shaq decided to double his original offer. Watch the Diesel meet the aptly titled “Tattoo Dude” (via Cosby Sweaters and Hoop Mixtape).