Shaq threw a dead catfish at Charles Barkley as the Nashville Predators' celebration ritual spreads

Photo courtesy of TNTShaq holding a catfish in the ‘Inside the NBA’ studio.
  • Shaq chased Charles Barkley around the “Inside the NBA” studio with a catfish.
  • Shaq also got Nashville Predators fans to pour beer in the catfish’s mouth.
  • The stunt was inspired by a recent incident when a Tennessee Titans player chugged beer out of a catfish at a Nashville Predators game.

“Inside the NBA” has become known for the absurd antics of its studio crew, in particular analysts Charles Barkley and Shaquille O’Neal, and last night’s show featured the perfect example of this.

As part of the crew’s “Gone Fishin'” segment to commemorate the Indiana Pacers getting knocked out of the playoffs, Shaq dived into “the water” and proceeded to emerge with a catfish, which he used to harass Barkley.

“Chuck, I ain’t never seen you move that fast since the 80s,” Shaq said.

Shaq then went to a group of Nashville Predators fans who were standing on the studio and had them pour beer into the catfish’s mouth, and then tried to get the fans to drink the beer, with no success.

The stunt was inspired by a recent moment at a Nashville Predators Stanley Cup Playoffs game in which Tennessee Titans offensive lineman Taylor Lewan chugged beer from a catfish, as part of what is one of the NHL’s strangest traditions.

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