A Bunch Of Silicon Valley All-Stars Are Investing In This Stealthy Security Company

eric schmidt

This startup has us curious. Shape Security is still in stealth mode but it has announced a $6 million Series A round lead by some hefty players.

The round was led by Kleiner Perkins and Eric Schmidt’s TomorrowVentures.

It also includes funds from Accel partner Peter Wagner, Baseline Ventures, and some unnamed executives from LinkedIn, Twitter, and Facebook.

Shape claims that it’s going to stop Web hackers once and for all by changing the security game entirely.

Today’s security software mostly consists of knowing what kinds of malware hackers are using, writing “signatures” that look for that malware and stop it from working. It requires lots of labour and needs users to keep things updated.

Shape says it’s going shift the burden from users having to defend themselves to making it harder and more expensive for hackers to work. The company is still lurking in stealth mode, so hasn’t spilled a lot of details yet.

To date, there have been only two ways to secure software: Watch for things to go wrong and then stop them after they do. That’s what we mostly do today. Or write software in such a way that it can only be used for specific purposes and simply cannot be modified to do evil stuff. But that’s extremely difficult. You have to figure out al the possible things a user might want to do, program that in, and disallow everything else. It also limits how a legit user might find news ways to use the software.

We’ll be talking to Shape soon to hear if this is really as fabulously “disruptive” as it claims.

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