The Shape Of Things To Come? Facebook Is Charging Users To Highlight A Post

Facebook is currently testing the idea to charge users to highlight a given post or picture on their Facebook wall.

Let’s say you’re out one night at a club and you take a picture of your buddies making complete idiots out of themselves and you want to post that picture to Facebook.

Happens all the time, right?

Or if you come across this incredible article you just read and you want to make sure all your friends see it when you post it.

Or you’re a business owner who wants to highlight a post about your latest product.

Well you may be able to take that same post, picture or article and post it to Facebook with a bright, yellow background with it so it really stands out.

Wouldn’t that be great?!?!

Well before you get too excited there may be a fee associated with this new feature, which is currently being tested in New Zealand.

Why New Zealand?

Who knows.

What I do know is I first heard about this on which led me to the full story on, where I read… “Facebook is considering charging its members US$2 to “highlight” important posts so they are more visible on the social networking site.”

Two bucks in exchange for some yellow background.

Sounds fair. (#HeavySarcasm)

Here’s a screenshot of what is being called the “Highlight” feature:


The user who received the offer to try this new feature was at first thinking it was a scam, but according to a spokeswoman from Facebook by the name of Mia Garlick confirmed it was a real feature they were testing.

“We’re constantly testing new features across the site. This particular test is simply to gauge people’s interest in this method of sharing with their friends,” said Garlick.

Ms. Garlick also told that Facebook is testing different price points including the aforementioned $2 as well as offering it for free or some other amount.

I am very curious to hear your thoughts on all this not just from a personal standpoint – would you pay to have a post highlighted, but also from a business/brand perspective.

If you own a company or business would you pay extra to have a post highlighted on Facebook?

And if so, how do you decide which posts to highlight? Can’t highlight them all, right? That would just water down the significance of the highlighting in the first place.

Look forward to your thoughts and comments.,, Google Images

Named one of the Top 100 Influencers In Social Media (#41) by Social Technology Review, Steve Olenski is a freelance writer/blogger currently looking for full-time work. He has worked on some of the biggest brands in the world and has over 20 years experience in advertising and marketing. He lives in Philly and can be reached via email,TwitterLinkedIn or his website.

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