Shanghai's Subway Warns Women That If They Dress Like This They Will Be Sexually Harassed

Shanghai Metro, apparently seeking to be proactive about the problem of sexual harassment on their trains, posted this picture to the city’s Number 2 Subway Line Weibo account last week. It was a warning to women — do not dress provocatively.

Here’s a screenshot, with a (hilarious) translation from Google (click to enlarge):

Shanghai Metro

Photo: Screenshot

Here’s a better translation from the South China Morning Post:

“Dressing like that, it would be unusual for a lady not be harassed. There can be perverts on the subway and it’s hard to get rid of them. Please have self respect, ladies.”

Of course, the post has gone viral on Weibo, with over 6,000 comments and 15,00 reblogs. Tea Leaf Nation has put together some of the responses, notably including the girls riding the subway in black hoods in protest.

The Shanghai Metro has not apologized, by the way, or even bothered to delete the post.

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