This Shanghai company created a gold bust of Steve Jobs to motivate employees

People joke about Apple fanboys “worshiping” Steve Jobs, but a Shanghai company is taking this sentiment to a whole new level by actually creating a gold bust of the Apple visionary that welcomes employees when they come to work in the morning, Quartz reports.

The company says the purpose of the bust is to “[inspire] in employees Jobs’ insistence on finding the best way to do something.”

While Steve Jobs seems a natural choice for an idol, he might be an odd choice to inspire workers. Steve Jobs was a mercurial manager, and could be downright difficult to work for at times.

Like many idols, perhaps this one is meant to inspire equal parts fear and adoration. Steve Jobs’ expression isn’t exactly happy-go-lucky — it’s more determined, almost disapprovingly so. And if you glance back at the company’s statement, “insistence” seems like a loaded word.

You better find the best way to do something — or else. It doesn’t want to hear your excuses.

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