Shane Warne's just gone into bat for the canned Smiths snack Tasty Toobs

Tasty Toobs are no more. Source: Smiths

Warnie is on the warpath. The former Australian test cricketer says he’s “shattered” by news that the Smiths snackfood company has killed of the Tasty Toobs after 61 years due to decline in demand that made it “no longer possible to justify to ongoing production”.

It’s the second demise for the round tomato-flavoured potato crisps, sold through Woolworths supermarkets, which Smiths previously killed off in 2001, only to revive them again in 2007.

Enter Shane Warne, staging an intervention via Facebook, saying one of the reasons he enjoys returning to Australia from his home in the UK is heading to the local milk bar for Tasty Toobs.

News of their demise has seen him launch a campaign to resuscitate the snack for a second time with the hashtags #bringbacktoobs and #savetoobs.

“Long live the Toobs!” he says in the video. “Toobs must make a comeback.”

While some suspicious minds believe it’s just marketing spin, Warnie’s told Smiths to get in touch because he has a plan.

Warne’s campaign is just the latest in a long line of social media battles to save Australian snack foods nixed by falling sales.

You can watch Shane Warne’s Facebook message below:

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Posted by Shane Warne on Sunday, 11 October 2015

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