Shane Warne Is Tweaking A Kiwi Beer, Naming It After His Batting

Cheers Warnie – his NZ-made brew.

He’s flogged hair replacement, poker, phone messages and even VB, but now the Sheik of Tweak, Shane Warne, has turned his attention to Kiwi beer, releasing his own pale ale just before Christmas.

New Zealand craft brewers Moa are producing SKW 99 Not Out – a cheeky reference to Warne’s 2001 innnings v New Zealand, when he holed out at deep mid-wicket, one run short of his first (and it would have been only) test century, but the umpire missed that Daniel Vettori had bowled a “no ball”.

Warne was involved in creating the beer’s flavour profile with the Marlborough-based brewers and it’s now hit the Australian market, at $6 a bottle or $90 a slab from bottleshops, it’s not likely you’re going to end up making drunken dials after a few too many.

Watch Warnie talk about creating the beer below.

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