Shane Warne is having an epic fight with a major media exec over the boss' wife and it's getting really personal

Is Shane Warne asking Michael Clarke about his driving record? Photo: Michael Dodge/Getty Images.

Shane Warne’s never been shy of expressing an opinion. He regularly offers pretty blunt assessments of everyone, from fellow cricketers to AFL player Adam Goodes, to his nearly two million followers on Twitter.

Last year, after accusing Goodes of diving for free kicks, Warne said he was “shocked” the Swans star was Australian of the Year – a fact Warne only discovered seven months after the honour was announced.

Today The Australian has the gossip behind another epic Warnie stoush, this time with former News Corp CEO John “Harto” Hartigan, who nowadays is chairman of Prime Media Group.

Harto is married to the outspoken sports columnist Rebecca Wilson, who gave Warnie an almighty serve in her Saturday Daily Telegraph column last week, describing his relationship with Australian captain Michael Clarke as an “unhealthy alliance”. Warne was an “embarrassment” campaigning for Clarke, and was only doing it to maintain his own influence on the team, Wilson contended.

Warnie wasn’t happy and planned to hit back. It was going to be personal, attacking Wilson for her poor driving record.

He sent Hartigan a text message forewarning him, The Australian claims, which then went on to recount in gruesome detail how the two men exchanged text messages, saying Warne had more details about Wilson’s personal life he planned to make public.

Hartigan responded by telling the ex-cricketer to stop making threats, and calling him a “goose” who needed to “have a good long look in the mirror”.

Apparently Warne also took the fight to Wilson’s Channel 7 sports journalist brother, Jim Wilson, calling her a “low life”.

Apparently Rebecca Wilson has been in touch with Cricket Australia and Channel Nine boss David Gyngell over Warnie’s behaviour, and this morning, after the stoush went public, Warne took to Facebook to say he was “disappointed” something he thought was private had been made public.

He denied threatening her, but said he had to “draw the line”, raising her driving record as the reason she was not qualified to offer advice on cricket.

Here’s what Warne posted on Facebook today:

Morning ! It’s really disappointing that John Hartigan wanted to make public something that I thought was private between two people. The reason I messaged him, called him & Jim Wilson too was that I thought they were both good mates ( Jim still is ) I had had enough of Rebecca Wilson nailing me in her ridiculous articles !

I did ask for Rebecca’s number to call her to thrash it out, but no one would give it to me, only an email address, I never threatened her, only stated facts in an email to her ( which she never responded too ) normally I don’t care what people write or say & just let it go, but when Rebecca, who has been caught twice for drink driving & also been caught for driving without a license wants to give me cricket advice, I thought it was time to draw the line !!!

Anyway, I do not want to start any tit for tat & was hoping it would all remain private !! But wanted some facts out there. It’s a shame John didn’t want the issue to remain private too. Why I ask ? I’m sure you all no the answer !

Ps To Jim Wilsons credit, it remained private between two mates, maybe I should not have messaged them but it was out of respect for good mates that I did, I wanted her number to call her about it & to let them both know I was disappointed & that she was out of line.

Question, why would any of us want to read a drink drivers articles who also gives us advice on absolutely everything, actually, why would anyone employ her too ? The govt spends a fortune on advertising & trying to stop people from doing this, we all make mistakes sure, but there are no excuses for drink driving – none !!!!!

With three rather large egos with high media profiles involved in this fight, this isn’t going to be the end of hostilities. We’ll keep you posted.

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