Shane Warne and other cricket legends were fined after a Facebook Live video showed them not wearing seatbelts

Photo: Shane Warne/ Facebook.

Cricket legends Shane Warne, Michael Slater and Keven Pietersen have been fined by Tasmanian police after the celebrity spin bowler posted a video to Facebook of the trio in a car not wearing seatbelts.

While Tasmanian police have not confirmed they were the three men involved, a statement says:

Tasmania Police has issued infringement notices to three men for not wearing their seatbelts:

A 47 year old man from Victoria
A 46 year old man from New South Wales
A 36 year old man from the United Kingdom

The infringements for Failing to Wear a Seatbelt were issued after police reviewed a video posted on one of the men’s Facebook page.

Tasmania Police remind motorists that seatbelts save lives and urge drivers to insist their passengers buckle up too.

The footage, titled “Ch 9 boys after day 3 in Hobart”, was posted on Warne’s Facebook page last week. It shows the three men not wearing their seatbelts in a moving car.

Backseat bandits. Photo: Shane Warne/ Facebook.

People watching began to comment on the video telling them to buckle up and once the trio started reading their comments, they put on seatbelts.

Daniel James was among many to comment, writing “Does being a cricket commentator mean you don’t wear a seat belt”.

While Matthew Woodman pointed out how lucky the driver was to escape censure, saying “Why no seat belts?? M Taylor can lose his licence for passengers with no seat belt.”

Former Australian skipper Mark Taylor was driving, with former keeper Ian Healy beside him in the front passenger seat. They had seatbelts on, as did another passenger in the rear.

The offence attracts a fine of $300 and three demerit points in Tasmania.

The men are thought to be leaving the test match at Blundstone Arena, where South Africa pummeled Australia by an innings and 80 runs.

Here’s the video in full. It’s been viewed 126,000 times and received more than 1300 comments.

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