Shane Helms – The Hurricane That Won’t Stop

Stand back, Shane Helms. There’s a Hurricane coming.

And this one is on track to do quite a bit of damage.

The news broke on Friday afternoon. Shane Helms and his girlfriend, Karen, were involved in a serious motorcycle accident near their home in North Carolina. In addition to suffering a broken leg, ankle, and nose, he also dislocated his jaw and required over 200 stitches. Karen suffered a broken neck in the wreck. Both will be hospitalized for the foreseeable future.

The support from the wrestling community came pouring in. Countless stars asked for prayers, well-wishes, & words of encouragement. Helms’ saw his Facebook and Twitter accounts bombarded with countless messages, both positive and negative. Then the gruesome, graphic photos of Shane and Karen came out. As if reading what happened didn’t tug at your heart, seeing the damage that this accident has done was enough for even the harshest detractors to say a small prayer.

Today, however, my attitude changed a bit.

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