YouTube star Shane Dawson proposed to his boyfriend days after apologizing for joking about sexually assaulting his pet cat

Shane Dawson announced on Twitter that he’s engaged to Ryland Adams, his boyfriend of three years, after proposing Tuesday night.

The YouTube star posted about it on Twitter and received a flood of congratulations from his fans and other YouTubers.

Dawson popped the question just two days after publicly denying he sexually assaulting his cat. His apology was an attempt to quell a controversy brewing among his detractors.

“I didn’t f— my cat. I didnt c– on my cat,” Dawson wrote in a now-famous tweet. “I didn’t put my d— anywhere near my cat. I’ve never done anything weird with my cats.”

In a now-deleted episode of his “Shane and Friends” podcast from September 11, 2015, Dawson described what he said was his “first sexual experience,” where he ejaculated on his cat. The clip went viral over the weekend, prompting Dawson to apologise for his remarks and say the story was false and only meant for shock value.

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Aside from the controversy of his cat, his pedophilia jokes, and blackface – all of which he’s apologised for – Dawson is an accomplished YouTuber. His primary account has more than 21 million followers, where his fans watch his vlogs, video skits, and documentaries about YouTube culture.

Dawson’s fiancé is also a minor celebrity on YouTube, where he posts personal vlogs.

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