Shane Carwin Blogs About Bloody UFC 131 Loss

Shane Carwin has posted a fascinating blog recalling what he was thinking when skin was hanging off of the side of his face as Junior Dos Santos was rearranging his nose at UFC 131. “All I needed was one clean shot.”

One of the great advantages of being a sports fan in the 21st century is the immediate feedback from athletes through social media and networks. Shane Carwin is a great example of this as he wasted no time giving fans an exclusive look inside the mind of a UFC fighter 24 hours after losing the biggest fight of his career.

Carwin wrote a lengthy blog documenting his thoughts before, during, and after his UFC 131 loss to Junior Dos Santos. I won’t copy and paste the entire thing out of respect for the blog, but there is one highlight in particular which gives you a fascinating look into his thought process in the midst of the worst beating of his career.

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