FOR ADULTS ONLY: These Films Got Slapped With NC-17 Ratings But Became Hits Anyway

A scene from Last Tango in Paris.

The pedigree behind “Shame,” British director Steve McQueen‘s new sex-addict drama starring Michael Fassbender and Carey Mulligan, is impressive and high-profile.

Which makes it even more surprising that Fox Searchlight will roll with the NC-17 rating that the MPAA slapped on the film.

“Shame” will attempt to do what few NC-17 movies have done before: achieve financial and awards-season success. The adults-only rating — X before 1990, NC-17 after — is usually avoided at all costs, and the threat of one has pushed more plenty of prominent directors to make cuts in the past.

But the makers of “Shame” view the label as a “badge of honour,” Fox Searchlight president Steve Gilula told the Hollywood Reporter.

McQueen’s film isn’t the first to take this route, though.

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