Shake Shack just opened in Hong Kong, and it's serving up food you won't get in America

Facebook/Shake Shack Hong KongShake Shack in Hong Kong serves hamburgers, fries, and beer from the Brooklyn Brewery.

  • Shake Shack is already an international success with restaurants located all over the world, including locations in Japan and South Korea.
  • As part of its expansion into Asia, Shake Shack just opened its first location in Hong Kong.
  • The menu is similar to the US menu but will feature a few new items, including a milk tea shake and a french toast concrete.

Shake Shack just opened its first location in Hong Kong.

Located in a high-end mall overlooking the city’s waterfront, the Hong Kong location of the New York-based burger chain features largely the same menu as its American counterpart. Like its other international locations, Shake Shack in Hong Kong will serve burgers, chicken sandwiches, fries, and frozen custard. However, the Hong Kong store will also feature a few new items, including a milk tea shake.

The mainland Chinese market is already home to tons of US fast-food chains like McDonald’s and KFC, but there’s a huge market for chains like Shake Shack. China’s fast-food industry is currently growing more than three times faster than the US fast-food industry, according to Eater. Shake Shack is expected to open 14 restaurants in Hong Kong and Macau over the next decade, in addition to 25 across Shanghai and East China.

See what it’s like to eat at Shake Shack in Hong Kong:

Before Shake Shack Hong Kong officially opened this May, there was a pop-up location that replicated New York City’s Madison Square Park.

The restaurant officially opened on May 1. It’s located in the high-end IFC mall — home to stores like Tiffany & Co. and Rolex — and overlooks the city’s waterfront.

Shake Shack

Tha grand opening was a huge event, with long lines forming before the restaurant opened.

Local artist Zlism was hired to create a mural for the outside of the brand-new restaurant.

The menu is largely similar to the US restaurants, serving hamburgers …

… ‘shroom burgers …

… and, of course, french fries.

Shake Shack

Frozen custard is on the menu, as is a brand-new milk tea shake exclusive to the Hong Kong store.

Shake Shack

Its also serving a concrete made with vanilla custard, french toast, bananas, and peanut butter sauce.

Shake Shack

In addition to the new shakes, a ShackMeister Ale from The Brooklyn Brewery will be available at the restaurant.

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