Shake Shack in Dubai shows the company is brilliant at one thing

Shake Shack Mercato Mall Dubai OutsideMo Hadi/Business InsiderShake Shack is located inside this Dubai mall.

Shake Shack’s Dubai locations show the company does one thing better than any other restaurant: customisation. 

The company has plans to expand across the US and world. 

But investors are split on whether the brand can do it. Many analysts fear that the burger market is already saturated with more-established players like Five Guys and Smashburger. 

Shake Shack’s strategy in overseas markets like Dubai shows how the company tailors the experience for different consumers. 

Business Insider editor Mo Hadi recently visited two Dubai locations to see how they measured up to New York. 

Shake Shack Mercato Mall DubaiMo Hadi/Business InsiderShake Shack’s location inside the Mercato Mall.

The company stayed closed until after 7 p.m. as many of its clientele fasted for the month of Ramadan, which ended last week. After opening late, the stores were open until 3 a.m.

Shake Shack Mall of EmiratesMo Hadi/Business InsiderShack Shack’s location in Dubai’s Mall of Emirates.

Instead of using pork bacon on its burger, the company uses veal. 

The menu also includes “high-heat fries,” which are cheese fries topped with cherry peppers. 

Shake Shack also offers a specialised “Eid’Crete” custard with chocolate truffle cookie dough, peanut butter sauce, and crispy wafer cone crumbles. 

Prices in Dubai are higher than in the US. A single burger, cheese fries, and a shake will cost you about $US22, compared with about $US15 in New York. 

The company’s knack for adapting to local markets with undoubtedly help its growth. 

Shake Shack is already popular abroad, with locations in eight countries including the U.A.E. and the UK. It plans to expand rapidly into international markets. 

 The Middle East is seen as being one of the most promising markets.

Shake Shack says expanding internationally is especially profitable. 

“This strategy historically has been a low-cost, high-return method of growing our brand awareness and provides an increasing source of cash flow,” the company said in its IPO filing.

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