A Rikers Inmate Just Orchestrated A Million Dollar Scam To Buy iPads


Photo: wikimedia commons

20-eight-year-old Shaheed Bilal was charged this week with leading a credit card ring that bought over $1 million in Apple products — while he was behind bars on Rikers Island.Directing cronies from his cell phone, Bilal orchestrated identity thefts across the country, in which he bought credit information from online data traffickers overseas to create bogus credit cards, according to The Daily Mail.  In turn, those credit cards were then used to purchase Apple products which were later sold on the black market in an operation run by Bilal’s girlfriend and his three younger brothers.

After a joint investigation by the Cybercrimes Unit of the Manhattan and the U.S. Secret Service, Bilal and his girlfriend were charged with conspiracy and grand larceny, while the rest of his nine-member crew was been charged with several counts of grand larceny and possession of forged instruments.

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