UCLA Phenom Shabazz Muhammad Looked Irritated That His Teammate Made A Buzzer Beater

UCLA beat Washington 59-57 last night when point guard Larry Drew II made a buzzer-beating two pointer.

After the game, some people began to notice that Shabazz Muhammad — one of the best freshmen in the country — looked a little less than excited about the whole thing. 

He was clamoring for the ball at the beginning of the play. When the shot went in, he had no reaction, and he didn’t join his teammates in the dog pile.

Here’s the video. Muhammad is #15 (screenshots below):

Muhammad was jumping up and down calling for the ball. But he wasn’t open at all, so it’s understandable the Drew II called his own number.

shabazz muhammad ucla buzzer beater arrow

Photo: ESPN screenshot

After the shot went in Muhammad wondered under the hoop:

shabazz muhammad under basket

Photo: ESPN screenshot

While his teammates jumped on Drew in a dog pile, Muhammad walked past them:

shabazz muhammad sulk

Photo: ESPN screenshot

There’s nothing incriminating here. Perhaps Muhammad was, as Scott van Pelt said on Sportscenter, just being a cool customer.

But it didn’t look good.

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