Sexy Russian Spy Anna Chapman Demands Cash For Interviews

sexy russian spy anna chapman

Photo: Facebook

Before Russian spy Anna Chapman was arrested for espionage and sent to Russia in a prisoner swap, her ‘cover’ was that of an unsuccessful serial entrepreneur in the New York City tech scene.Chapman was more successful as a spy/socialite than as a business woman.

But her perspective on the startup world was certainly a unique one. So a few days after she was deported, we emailed her to ask about her experience of pretending to try to get a company off the ground.

And, well, it seems Anna’s entrepreneurial career was continuing.  Here is what we got in response:


Is it a paid publication? I would be interested to talk about it if so.

— Best regards,

Anna Chapman

We wrote back to urge her to talk to our interested readers without being compensated for it. She responded:

If its not paid I am not interested.

So there you have it.

We emailed Anna a few more times, but she stopped responding. Perhaps the KGB got to her.

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