Inside The Bizarre World Of Sexy Halloween Costumes ... For Pets

pet dog costume halloween

The costume-booze industrial complex long ago repurposed Halloween from a night about chills into an opportunity for women to dress in “sexy,” “sassy,” and sometimes “sultry” outfits, rather than scary ones.

While we’ve grown immune to shops shilling everything from sexy cop to sexy Bert and Ernie (yes, that Bert and Ernie) garb, there’s one recent trend that we can’t get used to … sexy costumes for pets.

Americans spent $310 million on pet costumes last year, and some showed a little too much fur.

Under normal circumstances, there's nothing better than a dog in a costume. Who doesn't love a puppy dressed up as zebra, for example?

Well, the days of Innocent dog costumes are over.

It used to be just female homo sapiens who got to wear revealing costumes ...

... while pets got the cute gag costume.

Not any more! Say hello to the world of sexy pet Halloween costumes. (For as low as $8.93).

eLeg Avenue is a big fan of pleather. (In case you missed the subtlety, this is a $15 canine sexy Queen of Hearts costume).

And it's no wonder 2,675 people like the Glamour Dog site. It comes with a measurement table so you can make sure the costume is a snug fit.

NOTE: A dog dressed up as a Playboy bunny is not cute as a dog dressed up as another kind of animal.

And then there's this.

I mean, what the heck?

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