Here's the 'Sexy' Mother-Daughter Lingerie Ad That's Making Everyone Barf

The Lake and Stars, a New York based lingerie company, has based its new campaign around a disturbing photo shoot of a mum and her 19-year-old daughter caressing each other sensually while wearing only lacy underwear.

And that’s not the weirdest part, according to company owner Maayan Zilberman*: The two women are not models but neighbours of Zilberman’s whom she observed were “always so loving and tender toward each other.” (They live in Brooklyn, of course.)

The ads tempt the viewer to choose the “sexy” one of the two. Zilberman adds:

“That’s what really drives the collection and what drives the photos: these women who are experiencing something that we’re not necessarily experiencing. I wanted to present portraits of them so that people would see the chemistry that they have. I think it’s really rare, you don’t see a lot of that.”

It’s rare for a reason, of course. Arguably, it’s also very clever. L&S is a tiny brand with limited distribution (such as this pop-up store.) The brand needs to do something to draw attention to itself, otherwise no one would know it existed. Mission accomplished!

*Correction: Zilberman’s name and gender were incorrect in an earlier version of this item. Apologies!

What's the deal with the cactus?

This is one of the more tame images from the campaign.

mummy, dearest

One of the embraces that's creeping everyone out.

Yes, that's a pile of logs

Perhaps this is Lake & Star's way of suggesting their skivvies might make a good Christmas present?

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