13 'Sexy' Halloween Costumes For Dogs, 2013 Edition

Dogs do not like putting on costumes.

They may look adorable paraded around on Halloween. They may even look happy in the photos that get tons of “likes” on Instagram. But let’s face it — the only one having fun is the dog’s owner.

The social media-pet products-industrial complex has made Halloween pet costumes a $US330 million dollar industry. Dog costumes are the most popular.

Since the costumes dog owners choose for their pets are (arguably) reflections of themselves, it shouldn’t actually be surprising that some people want their canine companions to be more Tramp than Lady.

Last year, we introduced you to this sordid world of sexy pet costumes. This year, we’re diving further in, and giving the alpha males their time to shine, too.

If we've learned anything from Halloween costumes, it's that weather has no influence on them. Check out this pup showing off SimplyDog's FLORAL PULL-ON SWIMSUIT.

There's something about Rubies Costume's HELLO KITTY outfit that is just wrong.

Pup-A-Razzi can make your pooch a POP SENSATION with some Lady Gaga flair and Kanye glasses.

Though it's understandable if your dog wants to be a little more current. She can look like Katy Perry in the 'California Gurls' video with the CUPCAKE GIRL outfit.

Some dogs are into nerdy girls, so maybe dress up yours as PRINCESS LEIA, Tina Fey-style.

This WONDER WOMAN costume strikes that perfect balance between geeky and flirty.

Don't worry, there's more traditional sexy fare, too, like the skimpy SAILOR GIRL outfit.

Edgy can be sexy too. And who wouldn't want to dress their dog up as PMG Zelda's Village People-esque BIKER?

BITCHES 'LOVE' ME is less of a costume than it is a statement.

We all know that cute can be more alluring than something trashy. And lace frill hints that this ENCHANTED SNOW PRINCESS may not be as innocent as she seems.

It's become a Halloween tradition to desecrate children's favourite characters, so let your dog join in with this sexy ALICE costume, inspired by the one that fell into Wonderland.

Your doggie can also roleplay as a BLACK CAT, if he's into that sorta thing.

The winner, hand's down, for this year's best, sexiest dog costume goes to timely Internet darling Tottie the pug, as Miley Cyrus' WRECKING BALL.

This list is only scratching the surface of the weird things we dress up our pets in, and Tottie's was the only homemade costume. Share any more suggestions in the comments section!

Dog owners also need something to wear on Halloween.

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