Want A .Sexy Domain Name? Now's Your Chance

Move over, .com and .edu.

The Internet is going to be flooded with new domain names starting on February 4, as more top-level domain names will be released into the wild. That’s everything to the right of the dot in an online address.

The Internet Corp. for Assigned Names and Numbers (ICANN) received 1,930 applications for new domain names, including .sexy, .lol and .food, alongside corporate domain names, such as .ford and .fox.

Google registered for almost 100 names, including .youtube and .google.

Although more-specific domain names could help people find what they’re looking a little easier — say, giants.sanfrancisco — old habits do die hard.

“I think users don’t pay any attention to [top-level domains], so anything without a .com is in a back alley, hidden from view,” Current Analysis analyst Ezra Gottheil told Computerworld.

Most people will probably continue to use the .com domain name, but it’s nice that there’s an option out there if the domain name you’re set on has already been taken.

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