Can Crocs Be Sexy? The Australian Icon Is Arguing Its Clogs Have An Erotic Appeal

Crocs cute girlCrocs’ shoe store assistant.

Sensible people know that Crocs are the rubber shoes you give to small children who cannot tie their laces.

Maybe an adult might wear them on a boat or at the beach.

But they are not sexy.

And yet …

The Crocs company is repositioning its footwear line — including the signature rubber clogs — as the sexy choice of summer. We noted earlier that Crocs has become embarrassed by the shoe that made it famous, and is diversifying its line into non-clog products.

This ad, from ad agency Compulsory, makes the case that even lime green sandals are hot because they can be slipped off so easily. And we all know what happens after you take your Crocs off. Or at least, we do now thanks to this new commercial:

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