Netflix’s new dating show ‘Sexy Beasts’ gave people bonkers prosthetics to test blind-date chemistry, and people are horrified

A woman dressed as a dolphin and a man dressed as a rhino share a romantic horse-drawn carriage ride as part of Netflix's upcoming dating reality show 'Sexy Beasts.'
  • Netflix released a trailer for its upcoming reality dating show “Sexy Beasts.”
  • Contestants wear prosthetics to resemble various creatures and test the idea that love is blind.
  • Only after a contestant chooses another can they remove their costumes and see what they really look like.
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Reality television is still wild as ever, thanks to Netflix’s upcoming dating show where singles transform into animals and creatures using prosthetics.

The two-season show, called “Sexy Beasts,” is meant to test the theory that love can be blind and based solely on a duo’s personalities. The show rolls out on Netflix July 21 and comedian and “Catastrophe” actor Rob Delaney will narrate each of the six-episode seasons.

The first teaser trailer shows contestants dressed as a dolphin, scarecrow, alien, panda, and the devil while they go on dates to restaurants, bowling alleys, and amusement parks. After dating, contestants can choose one person they want to continue a relationship with. Only then do they get to see what their date really looks like.

“Sexy Beasts” isn’t a first-of-its-kind show. In fact, the Netflix series is based on a 2014 digital BBC series of the same name and premise. Lion TV, the production company that made the British show, will also produce Netflix’s series, Variety reported.

According to Variety’s Manori Ravindran, “Sexy Beast” is a show built off the international success of Fox’s reality competition show “The Masked Singer.” But Twitter users weren’t completely sold on the concept.

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Some, however, said they’re looking forward to the show’s debut.

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Watch the trailer for Netflix’s “Sexy Beasts” below:

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