Two Sexual Assaults Reported At A Yale Secret Society 'Dominatrix' Party

Two sexual assault allegations at Yale University are likely connected to an exclusive “dominatrix” party hosted by one of the school’s secret senior societies, the Yale Daily News reports.

Although both sexual assaults reportedly took place on February 8 at Yale’s Sigma Phi Epsilon house, the fraternity had allowed another student group use of one of their rooms that night. The SigEp president said in a statement, “The members of Yale’s SigEp chapter were shocked and saddened to hear allegations that sexual assault may have occurred in our facility on an evening when the chapter had leased event space to another campus organisation.”

According to the Yale Daily News, the SigEp house was being used for an exclusive private party held by the Women in Power Society (WIPS) senior society. Neither the university or Yale’s SigEp chapter confirmed that the secret society was involved, but several students told the YDN that they attended WIPS annual “dominatrix” party.

One anonymous Yale student told the YDN that WIPS’ mission is “to promote female empowerment.” The secret society has previously been linked to BDSM imagery, including a Pintrest page reported by the Yale Herald called “Dom” that featured “a series of sorta disturbing images portraying uncomfortable situations and lots of leather.”

Emails from the Yale Police Department to the university community stated that both alleged sexual assaults were perpetrated by acquaintances of the victims. Both the victims and the alleged assaultants are reportedly all Yale students.

Read the full story on the alleged sexual assaults at the Yale Daily News >>

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