The Sexiest CEOs Alive

Julie Smolyansky

Photo: Courtesy of Lifeway

CEOs are chosen for their grit, determination, vision, smarts and competence.But they’re also people, people. And, as people, CEOs are often endowed with a bit of, well, je ne sais quoi.

So who has the most of that?

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To make this a quasi-scientific affair, we asked our readers to nominate and rate a bunch of CEOs on “sexiness,” a subjective assessment that encompasses many attributes including style, looks, power, money, leadership, creativity and charm.

Hundreds of readers weighed in (61% of respondents were male and 65% of were 20 to 40 years old).

The final list is a mix of men and women who’d look good running any company.

Carol Meyrowitz

CEO of The TJX Companies

64% rating

Meyrowitz has been with the company since 1983 and has overseen quite a variety of ventures. She's directed Yankee Candle Company and was president of The Marmaxx Group.

Ratings from a Business Insider survey.

Jeremy Stoppelman

CEO of Yelp

Write-in candidate

The Harvard Business School drop out founded Yelp in 2004 with the help of Russel Simmons, a former colleague at PayPal. Even though he didn't finish his MBA, Stoppelman does have a bachelor's degree from the University of Illinois.

Ratings from a Business Insider survey.

Andrea Jung

CEO of Avon

65% rating

In addition to being fluent in Mandarin, Jung was awarded the 2010 Clinton Global Citizen Award, which recognises executives working to solve global problems. Avon works to combat violence against women, breast cancer and to improve the environment.

Ratings from a Business Insider survey.

Tue Mantoni

CEO of Bang & Olufsen

Write-in candidate

The head of the Danish electronics manufacturer left motorcycle company Triumph and took the top spot at Bang & Olufsen.

Ratings from a Business Insider survey.

Ralph Lauren

CEO of Ralph Lauren

65% rating

Ralph Lauren's name didn't always roll off the tongue as easily as it does now. He was actually born Ralph Rueben Lifshitz. The fashion conglomerate was created in 1967 after Lauren opened a tie shop.

Ratings from a Business Insider survey.

Reiko Nahum

CEO of Amber Partners

Write-in candidate

Nahum's venture was the first independent operational certification firm in the industry. Nahum, who founded Amber Partners in 2004, is considered a market leader in Operational Risk and often speaks on the subject.

Jamie Dimon

CEO of JP Morgan Chase & Co.

65% rating

'Obama's favourite banker' is known for helping out the government during the financial crisis. Dimon, 55, isn't afraid of speaking out, however, and lately called new international bank capital rules 'anti-American.'

Ratings from a Business Insider survey.

Claire Chambers

CEO of Journelle

Write-in candidate

Before founding the lingerie company, Chambers worked in management consulting. Journelle is tailored toward women as Chambers wanted to bring the feeling of the fashion industry to the lingerie industry.

William Lynch

CEO of Barnes & Noble, Inc.

68% rating

After graduating from University of Texas-Austin, Lynch moved on to the Columbia School of Business to earn his MBA. He's managed more than 5 ventures before taking the lead at Barnes & Noble.

Ratings from a Business Insider survey.

Chanda Kocchar


69% rating

Kochhar is the first female boss of ICICI Bank, India's second-largest bank, and took charge in May 2009. She started with the bank as a management trainee more than 25 years ago.

Ratings from a Business Insider survey.

Bob Iger

CEO of Disney

70% rating

Under his leadership, Disney acquired both Pixar and Marvel. Iger's contract was recently extended through 2016, with the stipulation he take on the role of chairman as well.

Ratings from a Business Insider survey.

Elena Ambrosiadou


Write-in candidate

The hedge fund was originally a joint venture between Ambrosiadou and her husband. However, he split off in 2009 to start his own venture. The two ultimately divorced.

Richard Branson

CEO of Virgin Group

70% rating

Branson founded Virgin in 1970 as a mail order record retailer. He would go on to create a travel and telecom empire, while entertaining himself with topless models, hot air balloons, submarines and space ships.

Ratings from a Business Insider survey.

Julie Smolyansky

CEO of Lifeway Foods

Write-in candidate

Smolyansky became the youngest ever female CEO of a publicly held firm in 2002. Since taking the lead, she brought the Russian product into the U.S. mainstream and boosted company revenues to $65 million by 2011.

Lorien Gabel

CEO of Pingg

75% rating

This 41-year old angel investor filmed an Oliver Stone-esque video of his wedding in a Nevada desert. Pingg (if you haven't heard of it) is an online gift card company.

Ratings from a Business Insider survey.

Frederic Oudea

CEO of Societe Generale Group

75% rating

Before joining the corporate world, Oudea held a number of civil-service posts, including jobs in the audit department of the Ministry of Finance and the Cabinet of the Ministry of Treasury and Communication. He took the helm of the banking company in 2008.

Ratings from a Business Insider survey.

Sharen Turney

CEO of Victoria's Secret

82% rating

The 54-year-old has held the top spot at the lingerie company since July 2006. Before earning the job, she was the CEO of Victoria's Secret Direct, the arm of the company that manages the catalogue and website.

Ratings from a Business Insider survey.

Stacey Snider

CEO of Dreamworks

85% rating

Stacey is 50 years old and married with two children. After attending law school at UCLA, she got her start in Hollywood working in the mail room of Triad Artists.

Ratings based on a Business Insider survey.

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