Sex With An Ex Might Be A Good Idea

Sleeping with an ex doesn’t have to end in disaster.

The Daily Mail dug up research from the University Arizona, which found that having sex with a former partner may actually be good for recently separated adults who were still not over their relationship.

First appearing in the Journal of Social and Clinical Psychology in May 2012, the study looked at 137 men and women who reported recent marital separations.

In general, people who were still attached to their ex were less psychologically adjusted than those who had accepted the split.

A post-marriage bedroom jaunt among people who still longed for ex-lover resulted in “significantly better adjustment” compared to those who were not having sex with their ex, according to the study.

Does that mean we should all jump back into bed with a former flame?

Lead author Ashley Mason provides one note of caution. She told YouBeauty: “I would not suggest that people run out and start having sex with their ex-partners. Continuing to sleep with an ex could be preventing one from starting a new relationship that might be beneficial.”

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