Sex Toys Owned By A Member Of The Jackson Family Are Up For Grabs In This Bizarre Bankruptcy Auction

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An auction of Jackson family memorabilia and personal items held next week is a bizarre glimpse at the famed pop stars’ family life that at times gets a little too personal.

But hey, that’s bankruptcy, and that’s why it all has to go.

The auction takes place online between September 10-19, but a preview of what’s on offer is live as of today.

It’s not your usual rock memorabilia auction. There’s more than 500 lots available, with the usual array of stage costumes, master recordings and awards; plenty of genuine memorabilia that might some day pay a fan back for their investment.

There are also some unusual gems to be found, such as the Jackson family’s old Apple Mac, but really, there’s a lot that should have just been torched, including underwear, greeting cards, photo albums and the Jackson kids’ toys.

And then there’s the TMI item that we’re not sure was entirely necessary to put up for sale – the Jackson family adult toys.

There’s 22 pages of items on the auction page, the vast majority of which will no doubt end up in a clothing bin somewhere, but here’s our preview. It gets a little weird, but there’s also some really nice moments that remind us the Jacksons were (sometimes), and are (sometimes), just a regular family.

Business details.

A collection of Joe Jackson Productions business related files and ephemera.

Socks. Seriously? How broke are these guys?

Yep, a collection of 15 pairs of socks owned and worn by members of the Jackson 5.

Some bras.

A collection in various styles owned and worn by the Jackson sisters personally and possibly on stage.

Okay, deep breath.

Yes, it's a collection of pieces of adult entertainment owned by members of the Jackson Family. In fact, 25+ pieces and yes, we blurred it. Ew.

Tackle of a different kind.

This is more like it. A good Plano box, too, with five trays that maybe saw some family action with Joe and the boys down at the lake. They obviously loved a bit of trout fishing together. You might not want to trust the line, but that eggbeater looks suh-weet.

An Apple Macintosh computer and bag.

This classic Mac SE is the ultimate desktop collectible, surely.

Group of 10 boxes of personal and business files, correspondence and ephemera.

If you're into reading other peoples' letters and business, you might find something juicy in here.

The ultimate box lot!

Massive collection of 35 boxes of Jackson Family related relics including household and decorative objects, clothing, assorted media and ephemera. The Storage Wars guys would be losing sleep over this one.

Young Tito's photo collage including his brother Michael.

Cute. He had three wishes - That he'd never get old, that the 3 Stooges didn't die, and that he got to meet them.

The boys loved the Stooges.

Yep, that's their collection of Stooges videotapes up for grabs.

A group of business journals, personal papers and assorted media.

(Although that's clearly a copy of Mickey Mouse Safari Club on top.)

Family pics.

A collection of Jackson Family personal photographs and negatives dating from the 1960s-1990s.

This 'very personal' cross-stitch made for Michael.

This is a 10 x 13 cross-stitch panel made in commemoration of Michael's major achievements as an artist and performer, with the visuals featuring some of his best-known songs and awards as well as miscellaneous King of Pop iconography. The tapestry is a very personal statement, and on the back it's signed 'May all your future endeavors be a Thriller' by Nancy Bockus.

A tuxedo worn by a monkey.

This crushed velvet tuxedo with faux diamond buttons worn by Michael's pet monkey Bubbles who, like the Jackson seniors, loved dressing to impress.

Brotherly love for sale.

This is sweet. A card to Michael from 'Sig' (Jackie) Jackson found amongst Michael's personal belongings. It reads, 'Please get well soon. I can't stand to see you sick. Love your big brother Sig' in purple marker.

Billie Jean restraining order.

A Michael Jackson court transcript regarding a restraining order for an obsessed fan who claims to be 'Billie Jean'.

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