Sex Tape Turnover Countdown: Edwards Aide Must Give It Up Or Go To Jail

Andrew and Cheri YoungAndrew and Cheri Young

Photo: AP

When a North Carolina judge held former Edwards aide Andrew Young in contempt last month for not turning over the alleged Edwards sex tape, we celebrated that it might mean the alleged video would never see the light of day.But this one is a saga that just won’t end. Young and his wife apparently continue to refuse to turn over at least some of the items allegedly belonging to the mistress, Rielle Hunter, to the court. 

The judge first ordered both Young and his wife, Cheri, to jail, ABC News reported, but then gave them a short reprieve, setting the deadline for Friday.

We cannot imagine why Young would be withholding any materials and risking going to to jail over it. His book on Edwards is already published and he has done the media rounds. One would imagine his 15 minutes are near up, and that he would not want to extend them by going to jail over a contempt charge.

We’ll see what happens on Friday…

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