13 Sex Apps That Actually Exist

durex spice dice

There are tons of crazy apps in Google and Apple’s app stores. Categories range from food to productivity and even sex.

Despite Apple’s iron grip on its App Store content, there are still a few sex-themed apps that squeak by the content guidelines. And the Google Play store for Android is loaded with these sex apps.

They’re intended to teach you something new or spice up your skills, but typically they just end up being laughable.

Check out these crazy apps that are meant to enhance your bedroom skills.


The iOS Kamasutra app provides over 100 sensual positions. It also boasts an interactive experience and plays relaxing music.

Price: $0.99

Sex Facts

We're not sure if this app is a joke or not, but it's pretty entertaining. The wacky facts are somewhat useful but caused us to laugh instead of learn.

The app makes it easy to email the facts to your spouse or friends.

Sex Facts for iOS has over 1,600 positive reviews for all versions of the app ,so somebody out there must enjoy it.

Price: Free

Spice Dice by Durex

Spice Dice by Durex provides you with ideas that challenge you to try new things in the bedroom. Shake Your phone and the dice will suggest different positions and provides you with tips for you and your partner.

Price: Free

Girlfriend Helper

In case you're out of ideas, Girlfriend Helper provides thoughtful texts you can send to your girlfriend, gives tips on having a girlfriend, and even reminds you of important dates like anniversaries and birthdays.

Price: $0.99

Real Sex Stories

Want your own personalised 50 Shades Of Grey on your phone? Then you should definitely check out Real Sex Stories. The app contains short and long stories on various sensual subjects.

Price: Free

Sex Dice Evolved

Create a customised dice game with this Android app. Sex Dice lets you set the preferences to create combinations that will spice up your sex life.

If you're not feeling as creative the app also includes pre-loaded dice for the wild-at-heart, mild-at-heart, the curious, and the daring.

Price: $1.99

Sex Secrets

Sex Secrets provides common knowledge facts, but it's best (and we'll use 'best' loosely here) feature is a Chat Roulette-style random messaging system.

Price: Free

Yoga For Better Sex

Yoga For Better Sex might actually be an app that is more on the useful side. The app encourages you to de-stress in order to better enjoy sex and to feel more relaxed.

The app lists specific Yoga positions that will avoid nervousness and overindulgence.

Price: Free


Passion uses the iPhones accelerometer and gyroscope to asses your bedroom prowess. The app even compares your score to others. We're not sure how it is able to accurately measure your skills, but it could be fun to see how you rank.

Price: $0.99

Female Orgasm Facts

The title says it all. The app developer says, 'just get this application and enlarge your knowledge about the secrets of Female Orgasm...'

Price: $0.99

50 Shades of Grey Sex Game

This unofficial app capitalises off of the popular 50 Shades Of Grey franchise by turning the erotic novels into a game.

The game is fully customisable and allows for pretty much any fantasy to be played out.

Price: $1.49

Better Sex Deluxe

This app might actually fall into the useful category. It's packed with interesting facts and information to help you have more fun in the bedroom.

Price: Free


Instead of improving simply your sex life, RelationTips aims to improve your overall relationship by giving you ideas that will surprise your significant other.

Price: $1.99

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