Flight Attendant Hospitalized After United Plane Hits Severe Turbulence

A flight attendant is in the hospital after a United Airlines flight hit severe turbulence as it descended to land in Billings, Montana, on Monday.

There were 114 passengers and five crew members onboard the Boeing 737-700, which departed from Denver, United said in a statement.

An FAA spokesperson said the captain declared a medical emergency after the flight attendant was injured, and the plane landed without incident.

According to Reuters, one told local TV station KTVQ a woman hit her head on the ceiling so hard that the ceiling cracked. A United spokesperson did not confirm this.

Turbulence injures about 58 people in the U.S. every year, according to the FAA, and killed three people between 1980 and 2008. That’s why airlines encourage passengers to wear their seat belts whenever seated — turbulence can hit suddenly and throw people around.

The FAA is investigating Monday’s incident, and United says it is working with the National Transportation Safety Board to analyse the flight data.

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