Seven West Media CEO Tim Worner has been cleared of allegations he used company funds during an affair with a staffer

A file photo of Seven West Media chairman Kerry Stokes and CEO Tim Worner. Mark Metcalfe/Getty Images

Seven West Media CEO Tim Worner has been cleared of allegations of using company funds to further an affair he had with a junior staff member.

The woman Worner had the affair with alleged he was travelling on company expenses when he came to her home for sex. She says the company also paid for flights and accommodation when Worner asked her to the Australian Open tennis in Melbourne.

Worner has already been “disciplined” over the affair, which was “personal and consensual”, when details emerged two years ago.

“It was inappropriate given his senior position in the company and not behaviour condoned by the company,” according to the board of directors.

The company now says a review by Richard Harris, a litigation and investigations partner at Allens Linklaters, found allegations of “misconduct by Mr Worner have not been substantiated”.

The review found that Worner didn’t influence, nor play any role, in the awarding of a bonus to the staff member he had an affair with.

“Company funds were not deployed in furthering the relationship by Mr Worner or with his approval,” according to a statement by the board of directors.

“There were no irregularities in Mr Worner’s corporate credit card use.”

The final report by Allens Linklaters has not been made public.

The board says there are no grounds to take any further disciplinary action against Worner.

“The board has addressed all the issues that have been raised and is confident that Mr Worner will continue to run the company in the interests of all shareholders,” the company said.

Worner was 51 and the staff member 35 when they started the affair in 2012. She worked at Pacific Magazines, part of Seven West Media.

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