The 7 US States That The Rest Of America Would Like To Kick Out Of the Country

An AskReddit thread yesterday polled Americans about which state they would remove from the union. 

The answers were diverse and had a number of thought processes behind them — which states had the least people, which states contributed least to the country, which could survive on their own, and which state was Mississippi — and in the end a lot of people made a lot of sense. 

Here are the states most Americans would love to see go:

7. Delaware. 
First in, first out. Redditors alleged there’s not much important there.

However, “Lots of companies are incorporated there. Sure, they could just move to another tax haven, but it would be a rough transition and they would lose out on the decades of case law that the state has on the subject of corporations. 

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6. FloridaThis is most likely the result of the adventures of Florida Man and a desire to make elections easier. 

Georgians spoke out in its defence as a functional Hurricane-shield

5. Rhode Island
Rhode Island’s departure would offend a minimal amount of people and shed a minimal amount of space. 

I had a professor in college from there and said that milkshakes are referred to as “cabinets.” Who the hell does that?”

Williston, North Dakota

3-4 (TIE). Either DakotaOne work-around solution was to combine North and South Dakota into a single Super Dakota.

While some Americans actually doubted the existence of North Dakota and proposed to strike it anyway, others pointed out that its absence would be noted by a marked increase in your natural gas bills. 

Likewise, were North Dakota to secede they would have the third-largest nuclear arsenal in the world — something that could be plausibly said about most American states — so the workaround may be ideal. 

The Super Dakota scheme would also allow NorCal to split from Southern California with minimal consequences.

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2. Indiana
“The only reason Indiana hasn’t been mentioned yet is because most of you have forgotten it even exists. Its cool. We’ll show ourselves out

Illinoisans opposed the exit on the grounds of fireworks access.  

1. Mississippi. 
In the words of the top post on the thread:

Lowest average life expectancy, poorest, fattest, second highest teen pregnancy rate and highest teen birth rate, one of the lowest high school graduation rates and still a lot of opposition to interracial marriage being legal.

The only people who staunchly opposed exiling the Magnolia State were residents of Alabama, who realised that the only reason they were not considered the worst state was because of the presence of Mississippi. Louisianans, however, were quite taken with the idea. 

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