THEN & NOW: See What Famous Historical Sites Look Like Today

Seth Taras, a self-taught American artist, was hired by The History Channel for the campaign, “Know Where You Stand.”

His pictures show modern scenes spliced with historical photographs, so that a phantom Adolf Hitler poses next to a young couple and a man talks on his mobile phone next to the ghostly Berlin Wall.

Taras traveled around the world shooting the pictures from the exact spot and angle the original was shot, and then used photo editing software to blend them together.

The images earned Taras a Cannes Lion, and the History Channel’s 2010 campaign was translated into 30 languages and published in 130 countries, according to Taras’ blog.

Soldiers storm the Normandy beaches as modern tourists look for crabs (June 6, 1944/2004).


seth taras history combination photographsAdolf Hitler poses victoriously next to a couple in Paris (1940/2004).


seth taras history combination photographsThe Berlin Wall and two soldiers float behind a man talking on his mobile phone (1989/2004).


seth taras history combination photographsThe LZ 129 Hindenburg airship crashes behind a dog walker in Lakehurst, New Jersey (May 6, 1937/2004).

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