Seth Rogen And James Franco Live-Tweeted 'The Interview' And Gave Great Behind-The-Scenes Insights

James franco seth rogen evan goldbergDave J Hogan/Getty Images‘The Interview’ co-writer and director Evan Goldberg with stars James Franco and Seth Rogen.

The controversial North Korea-based Sony comedy “The Interview” has pulled in $US15 million in online sales and another $US2.8 million in theatres┬ásince its Christmas Day release.

To help promote the movie even further, stars Seth Rogen and James Franco, along with┬áRogen’s co-writer and co-director Evan Goldberg, live-tweeted the film Sunday night and they were not shy.

The trio even offered some insight into how they portrayed Kim Jong-un and North Korean culture.

Read some of the best tweets from the tweet-a-long below (warning: minor spoilers):

Interviewscreenshot/’The Interview’Actor Randall Park plays North Korean Supreme Leader Kim Jong-un in ‘The Interview.’

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