Seth Meyers: 'Trump is the Meryl Streep of having thin skin'

Seth Meyers Trump transition finalYouTube/NBC‘Late Night with Seth Meyers.’

Seth Meyers used his latest “A Closer Look” segment on “Late Night” to address President-elect Donald Trump’s recent tweets, including calling Meryl Streep “one of the most over-rated actresses in Hollywood.”

Trump lashed out at the actress the morning after Streep called out Trump for making fun of a disabled reporter while on the campaign trail during her speech accepting the Cecile B. DeMille Award at the Golden Globes Sunday night.

“Whether these tweets are calculated distractions or just the ramblings of an unhinged narcissist, it’s clear Trump would much rather talk about his feud with Meryl Streep than say the fact that intelligence officials believe Russia hacked the Democratic National Committee and the Clinton campaign to help Trump win the election,” Meyers said on Monday’s show.

Meyers also had a hard time taking the claim that Streep is overrated seriously.

“Overrated? She’s so good, people use her to compliment people in other professions,” Meyers said. “Like LeBron James is the Meryl Streep of basketball, or Donald Trump is the Meryl Streep of having thin skin.”

Following the news of the Russian hacks, Trump’s incoming administration has begun confirmation hearings on Tuesday, so you can only imagine how Trump, who has said people have proclaimed him “the Ernest Hemingway of Twitter,” will react to those proceedings in 140 characters.

“If Ernest Hemingway heard you say that, he would kill himself again,” Meyers said.

Watch Meyers’ complete “A Closer Look” segment below:

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