Seth Meyers calls Trump a 'racist and a liar' on the heels of his latest birther remarks

Trump Birther Seth Meyers NBC YouTubeYouTube/NBC‘Late Night with Seth Meyers.’

Seth Meyers continued his biting commentary on all things Donald Trump on Monday night’s show when the “Late Night” host did a segment on the candidate’s press conference last Friday, where Trump acknowledged that President Barack Obama was born in the US, ending his five year “birther” crusade.

And not only that, the segment also highlighted how Trump claims Democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton and her campaign were the ones who started the “birther” movement.

Meyers, after running the recent clip of Trump saying Obama was born in the US retorted —  “You don’t get to peddle racist rhetoric for five years and decide when it’s over,” said Meyers. “We decide when it’s over! And it’s certainly not over after a thirty-second statement in the middle of a hotel commercial.”

Meyers made fun of the fact that a good part of Trump’s press conference was just him talking about his new hotel in Washington DC, where the event took place.

And though supporters of Trump in the wake of the announcement have tried to spin that the candidate stopped talking about the birther issue in 2011, Meyers gives a bevy of clips proving that’s not the case, highlighting that Trump has been talking about it as recently as last year.

Then there are the tweets, including one where Trump implied a conspiracy where the person who verified Obama’s birth certificate was the only one to die in a plane crash in 2013.

“Let’s just step back here and think about how insane that is,” said Meyers. “Trump thinks the president orchestrated a plane crash so accurate that it only killed the one person who could prove his birth certificate was a fraud. ‘Yeah, just bang the plane against the mountain and land it safely. 12E. We wanna take out 12E.'” 

“The bottom line is this,” Meyers continued. “Trump built his career on a racist lie because he’s a racist and a liar, and instead of denouncing that lie, the GOP doubled-down on it completely and now Trump is trying to trick people once again that he was never really a birther at all, and that it was Hillary Clinton that started it.” 

Watch the complete segment on “Late Night with Seth Meyers” below:

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