Seth Meyers breaks down the strange first day of Trump cabinet confirmation hearings

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The first Senate confirmation hearing for President-elect Donald Trump’s cabinet was held Tuesday with Senator Jeff Sessions, Trump’s nomination for attorney general, the first on the hot seat. 

“Late Night” host Seth Meyers honed in on the hearing in his “A Closer Look” segment Tuesday night, and outside of the fact that almost all of Trump’s proposed cabinet members have not finished the ethics review and background check process, the senators tasked to question Sessions have worked alongside him for years. Many have even exercised with him often.

“Just when you think senators couldn’t be more out of touch with everyday Americans they think it’s ok to talk to people in the gym,” Meyers said.

But there were also more serious takeaways from the hearing. Like Sessions being asked if he would support a ban on Muslims entering the country. He said he wouldn’t. However, when asked if he believes Russia was involved in hacking the Democratic Party, Sessions said he hadn’t done any research on that.

“You’ve done no research? Did you forget this was happening today?” Meyers said. “I’ve done research on that, and my job is interviewing celebrities in the middle of the night.”   

Watch the complete “A Closer Look” segment below:


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