Seth Meyers: 'Trump is worse than Nixon'

“We’re at a point now in the Trump presidency that feels very much like a pivotal moment for our democracy,” “Late Night” host Seth Meyers said on Monday night’s show.

Meyers explained that just before Monday’s show started taping, The Washington Post reported that Trump had revealed highly classified information to Russian diplomats last week.

As usual, Meyers was not easy on Trump in his “A Closer Look” segment. He compared Trump’s behaviour to “a sh–ty high school student who always gets a pass because his parents are wealthy.”

He also shared that, according to Time, Trump requests extra sauce with his chicken, and more scoops of ice cream than anyone else at his White House dining table. Meyers went on to compare the president to Richard Nixon.

“Trump is worse than Nixon. He’s shameless Nixon,” Meyers said. “Nixon famously said, ‘I am not a crook.’ Trump’s basically saying, ‘I am a crook and there’s nothing you can do about it and, in fact, I’m having three scoops of ice cream.'”

Meyers also said that it’s “disorienting how blatant Trump is about all the shady stuff he does. Trump just admits to wrongdoing and then dares the rest of us to do something about it.”

The host finished his blunt look at the scandal by imploring other politicians to do their jobs.

“Our democracy only works if both parties choose to exercise the checks on presidential power that our Constitution prescribes,” Meyers said. “Republicans can’t just abdicate their responsibility.”

You can watch the segment below:


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