Seth Meyers: Why Trump's immigration plans are 'cruel' and 'unnecessary'

Over the past couple months, Seth Meyers has proven that he’s not giving President Donald Trump a break any time soon. Last night in his “A Closer Look” segment, the “Late Night” host criticised Trump for exaggerating the number of illegal immigrants in the US and called his immigration plans “cruel” and “unnecessary.” 

Meyers started the segment with some news from Texas, where two men were shot. They blamed “illegal aliens,” but it turns out they actually shot each other.

Meyers also cites reports that counter claims from Trump’s administration, including that immigrants are actually less likely to commit crimes than people born in the US, and that there are more Mexicans leaving the country than there are coming into the country. 

The host also rebuked Trump for “wildly inflating” the number of undocumented immigrants in the US. The president told CNN’s Anderson Cooper “it could be 30” million, while official estimates put it at 11 million.

“We do know what the number is. Just because you don’t know, doesn’t mean no one knows,” Meyers said.

To close the segment, Meyers discussed the “disastrous consequences” of Trump’s immigration ban, citing reports that visa holders are being denied entry even after the ban was lifted by court order. He called Trump’s policies “ineffective,” and urged both Republicans and Democrats who disagree with them to “stand up to Trump.”

Watch Meyers discuss Trump’s immigration plans below:


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