Seth Meyers takes a closer look at how easy it is to buy guns in America

Seth Meyers put a spotlight on how easy it is to buy guns in the US in the latest segment of “A Closer Look” on Thursday’s “Late Night.”

In addition to the horrific shooting in Orlando this past weekend, Meyers talked about Democratic Senator Chris Murphy’s 14-plus-hour filibuster. He did it in order to secure more support for legislation banning gun sales to anyone on the terrorist watch list, and to require background checks at gun shows and for internet sales.

Meyers played clips of some on the other side making arguments, including challengin Hillary Clinton’s support of gun control while having armed guards.

“Buddy, you’re a private citizen,” the host said of one pundit. “They’re professional law enforcement officers who have had to go through years of rigorous training and certification, whereas you look like you were born and raised on a sailboat.”

Meyers then played a video in which a TV reporter bought an AR-15 rifle, similar to the type that was used in the Orlando shooting, from a shop in just seven minutes.

“It shouldn’t take the same amount of time to buy an assault weapon that it takes teenagers to stand in a closet and awkwardly stare at the ground,” Meyers said, referring to the high-school kissing game, “seven minutes in heaven.”

He then impersonated a teen saying, “Should we make out or should we go buy AR-15s and say we made out?”

In another news story, a reporter spoke to private gun seller at a gun show and asked what would be required to purchase a gun. The seller said a state ID. But in the absence of a state ID, the reporter asked if he would sell a gun to a person who had an honest face. The seller said yes.

“An honest face is all you need to get a gun,” Meyers said. “We better hope to God Betty White never joins ISIS.”

To end the segment, Meyers explained why he thinks stricter gun legislation is necessary.

“What’s clear is that anyone who buys any gun, no matter who they buy it from, should have to wait and go through a background check first,” he argued. “And you shouldn’t be able to buy an assault weapon at all, let alone in seven minutes.”

 Watch the segment below:

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