Seth Meyers rips apart Republicans for their plans if Hillary Clinton becomes president

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For Thursday night’s “A Closer Look” segment on “Late Night with Seth Meyers,” the host targeted Republican lawmakers who are already speaking out on what they will do if Democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton wins the presidency.

There are the politicians like Ted Cruz who will refuse any Supreme Court nominee from Clinton. Senator Richard Burr has gone so far as to say he will “do everything I can do to make sure that four years from now we’ve still got an opening on the Supreme Court.”

Then there’s Congressman Joe Walsh who tweeted that if Donald Trump loses the election, “I’m grabbing my musket.”

“Trump and the GOP have destroyed some of our most important political norms,” Meyers said. “They want to jail or impeach anyone they disagree with and if they don’t get to wield power they want to paralyse the government so no one can. You’d think that would be enough to get people to the polls.”

Well, that or President Obama telling everyone at a recent rally about the Taco Bell World Series promotion that allowed people to get a free taco. As Meyers shows, the crowd went nuts over it.

“What a sad state of affairs it is when you say, ‘Get out and vote, we have to stop an insane man from having the nuclear codes,’ and people go, ‘Eh,’ but then you say ‘Free taco,’ and they are all, ‘Yes we can!'” Meyers said.

Watch the entire segment below: 

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