Seth Meyers digs deep into Donald Trump's history of reportedly stiffing people

As Donald Trump continues to withhold his tax returns from the public, Seth Meyers decided to zero in on the Republican presidential candidate’s charitable record on Wednesday’s “Late Night.”

In his latest “A Closer Look” segment, Meyers started with established what seems to be a history of Trump stiffing others. One example involves young singers who are suing the mogul for alleged nonpayment after performing at one his campaign rallies.

“Donald Trump stiffed the USA Freedom Kids,” the host said. “Trump is being sued by a group of children, because he won’t pay them. Think of how sad that is. Right now, the USA Freedom Kids are at home trying to find words that rhyme with subpoena.”

To further establish Trump’s history of nonpayment, Meyers referred to Trump’s DC policy office. Former staffers said that they were “used and abused,” but that the office began to really fall apart when promised checks never arrived, as the Washington Post uncovered.

Meyers then moved on to examining Trump’s philanthropy claims, especially through his charitable foundation. What he found was that Trump apparently hasn’t even given to his Trump Foundation in years, but definitely takes from it. First off, he charges other charities to use Trump facilities. According to one report, the foundation charged the Palm Beach Police Foundation more than $500,000 over two years for using a ballroom at one of Trump’s hotels.

“When has anybody ever been paid half a million dollars just for holding two balls?” asked the host — as a photo of Trump’s wife, Melania Trump, appeared on-screen — and Meyers feigned annoyance at his staff. “Oh, come on! Guys, no.”

Even more incriminating is Trump’s use of foundation donations to buy things for himself. For example, he reportedly bought a six-foot portrait of himself with $20,000 in funds earmarked for charitable purchases. Meyers then pointed out that he already had a large portrait of himself.

“Who needs two giant paintings of themselves?” Meyers said. “When I check into a hotel, I feel bad for asking for two key cards.”

That’s not the only thing Trump reportedly purchased using foundation money.

“For everybody who thinks Trump’s going to turn the economy around because he’s a brilliant businessman,” Meyers said, “he spent money on a helmet signed by Tim Tebow, who is currently playing a different sport.”

Watch Meyers examine Trump’s charitable history below:

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