New dad Seth Meyers got a totally inappropriate baby gift from Tracy Morgan

Seth Meyers returned to work Tuesday on NBC’s “Late Night” after his first child, a son, was born on Sunday. And he was joined by his old “Saturday Night Live” cast mate, Tracy Morgan, who had a very inappropriate, and hilarious, gift for the occasion.

Meyers revealed that his son arrived two weeks ahead of schedule, so he didn’t realise that his wife Alexi’s frequent complaints of a back ache were actually contractions. Thankfully, there’s an app for that. He downloaded a contractions app that helped to assess the situation.

For Meyers, things got even more real when his wife’s water broke.

“Uh, Wow. It sounds like what water would sound like if it broke. It’s like incredibly well-named for what it is,” the host said.

With the help of his doorman, who it seemed “had done this before,” Meyers and his wife got into an Uber car. Meyers said the driver “kept his cool” through what sounds like a pretty harrowing ride.

“We had to roll the window down, because she was getting carsick. And she was just screaming out an open window,” Meyers recalled. “Screaming. And only in New York City could you drive that way and not have people say, ‘That woman is being abducted.'”

Without drugs, Alexi delivered their new son, whom they named Ashe after her last name, and his middle name is Olsen after Seth’s mother’s maiden name. And no, he didn’t name his son after Ashley Olsen.

“I’ve long been a Mary-Kate guy,” he joked.

To honour the happy occasion, Tracy Morgan presented Meyers with a gift. 

“It’s a bowl of condoms,” a surprised Meyers announced of the outrageous gift.

And the card read, “Baby Meyers, Don’t get anyone pregnant before the age of 30.”

Watch the video below:



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