Seth Meyers investigates whether Trump is being investigated: 'Trump is desperate'

In the “Closer Look” segment on Monday night’s “Late Night,” host Seth Meyers investigated whether Donald Trump is being investigated for potential ties to Russia.

“Trump is desperate to talk about anything other than the investigation which has escalated so quickly that it seems like almost everyone around Trump is lawyering up,” Meyers said. “Things have gotten so bad that Trump’s lawyers have their own lawyers now. He’s got layers and layers of lawyers. And you need layers of lawyers when you’re a liar.”

Meyers said Trump has become “so transfixed by the investigation that he often insists, out of nowhere, that he did nothing wrong.” According to one report, the president has interrupted conversations unprompted by saying, “I’m not under investigation.”

“You know, like innocent people do,” Meyers said.

But then last week, Trump tweeted that he is under investigation — and that it’s a “witch hunt.”

That story seemed to change again when Jay Sekulow, a member of Trump’s legal team, appeared on Sunday news shows and tried to convince everyone that despite what the president tweeted, he is definitely not under investigation.

“So everyone around Trump is lawyering up,” Meyers said. “His staff can’t stop him from freaking out on Twitter, and he can’t seem to agree with his own legal team about whether he’s under investigation.”

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