Seth Meyers explains why Hillary Clinton's new email scandal isn't as bad as you think

Even though there’s some pretty damning information revealed in the newly discovered batch of Hillary Clinton emails, Seth Meyers says the Democratic presidential candidate should feel lucky.

Earlier this week, the FBI uncovered about 15,000 emails that Clinton didn’t hand over to investigators.

Meyers joked, “How many emails does Hillary Clinton have that she can just miss 15,000? Oh no, is she one of those weirdos who has them unread on her phone? Because Trump may be a demagogue, but I can’t vote for a sociopath who doesn’t clean out their inbox. That is not ok.”

The biggest revelation of the recently released emails is how Clinton’s foundation had used its access to the State Department to provide favours for supporters and donors.

“Words like ‘favour’ and ‘take care of’ shouldn’t be in the State Department’s emails,” Meyers argued. “They should be in the last five minutes of a ‘Sopranos’ episode.”

Meyers pointed to other emails showing the Clinton Foundation’s further abuse of its connections. One involved the prince of Bahrain. The host really got a kick out of one email that referenced U2 frontman Bono’s request to link up with the International Space Station from each show on the band’s tour.

“Here’s an idea, Bono,” Meyers offered. “You gotta let people decide for themselves when they want to listen to your music… Look, if I were in space, I’d happily put on U2, but it has to be my choice.”

Ultimately, the emails have led to the Foundation announcing it would stop taking donations from corporations and foreign entities if Clinton were elected president.

With Trump’s poll numbers falling and his campaign losing key members, Meyers says that Clinton’s email scandal has been greatly overshadowed.

“In any other year, all of this would be so much more politically damaging to Hillary,” he said.

Watch Meyers take a closer look at Clinton’s email scandal and Trump’s struggling campaign below:

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